Change & Adoption

Successful transformation thanks to professional support from Databoat in the areas of communication, training, user community and change management

Through organizational development in digital transformations, we enable employees and companies to realize their full potential. You know it, we know it, we all have corresponding experience: Only with a credible and inspiring culture can we make the most of the potential of new collaboration tools.

Databoat guides companies in developing a robust business-IT alignment.

This entails the departure from pure IT lifecycle projects - with advantages such as:

  • wider use of the tools
  • a faster implementation time
  • avoidance of typical stumbling blocks

Databoat accompanies transformation projects with know-how, good practice templates and expertise.

Databoat supports companies in organizational development

Together with the organization, we determine the desirable organizational maturity and the changes necessary to achieve it. This sometimes requires the development of a new corporate culture, including coaching of managers and employees.

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