Integration of systems and data with services

Comprehensive integration for greater efficiency and resilience

Databoat integrates data, systems and services with triple benefits. The overall costs decrease. Manpower is released. The processes become faster, more integrated and clearer, also because the integration generates an overall information system with a permanent flow of information is generated.

In this way, solutions from Databoat substantially strengthen the company and make it fit for the challenging, increasingly global markets.

These are three examples of integration:

  • Integration of Trendfinder for NEXTREMIS® and SUXXESIO®.
  • Integration of ServiceNow
  • Integration of DevOps

This is what Databoat offers you to start a cooperation:

  • Non-binding first meeting
  • Inspiration workshop with focus on strategic positioning
  • Introduction to the Databoat Integration Center

Condensed information: the integration of Trendfinder for NEXTREMIS® and SUXXESIO®

Trendfinder searches relevant information from the Internet on topics such as risks and trends. Databoat's proprietary artificial intelligence databoat neo.classifier filters and categorizes the information.

Likewise, information from internal systems (mail, ERP, CRM, etc.) can be collected according to a freely definable pattern, this with the databoat navigator, which uses Artificial Intelligence. This creates a comprehensive information system with a permanent flow of information from external and internal. The conclusions that can be drawn provide valuable data and inputs for controlling, management and transformation - ideal for integral risk management and opportunity management.

Far-reaching expansion: Integration of ServiceNow

Various systems can help shape the management of cloud objects for M365. Depending on the initial situation, Databoat builds out identity management and access management This, for example, to a request fulfillment layer with a platform like ServiceNow and Databoat's Cloud Manager.

Accelerated implementation: DevOps integration

The increasingly rapid implementation of changes from the business into the productive operating environment requires a high degree of maturity when it comes to integration. Databoat can provide this comprehensively. The team of enterprise architects and DevOps specialists advises and supports companies in the implementation of new models.

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