Cloud Competence Center

Databoat provides methods and tools such as Cloud Manager for configuring and operating cloud environments

In every respect, „best practice“ and a consistent focus on tangible customer benefits apply. Databoat's tools and Cloud Manager support and secure:

  • the initial configuration of the cloud and
  • integration into the company's service management.

The integration of cloud services into a company is complex and demanding. Given their large number, heterogeneity and dynamics, familiar and proven methods and tools reach their limits.

Cloud Manager from Databoat uses automation and integration to create a platform for the complete integration and homogeneous operation of various cloud services.

For this purpose, Cloud Manager bundles updates from manufacturers, prepares them and feeds them into the established change management. In this way, it uses and strengthens the proven processes along the way.

Cloud Manager – configuration, operation and optimization

Primary cloud configuration It lays the foundation for stable, secure change management. To this end, it combines the properties of the respective cloud services to be configured with the decisions regarding migration of the cloud risks and collaboration governance.

Update after primary configuration has been completed This keeps the cloud and processes up to date. If manual changes are made in the cloud, Cloud Manager detects this during the next periodic configuration scan. The analysis shows the logs available in the cloud and clearly prepares the background and details (if available).

Identify and improve weak points This information can be used to identify and correct weaknesses in the operation of the clouds. Various dashboards are available for reviewing the current cloud configuration and identifying possible improvements. Improvements can concern, for example, the reduction of cloud risks or security and cloud maturity.

Collaboration governance - stage model, instructions and update

Clouds, digitization and new forms of collaboration: What does this mean in concrete terms for a company and its employees? The four-stage approach of Databoat or Cloud Manager leads to relevant answers in a structured form. We develop the tailored, new forms of collaboration in a tool-neutral manner over four stages and refine the principles until the instructions for training employees and configuring IT tools are clear, practical and effective.

Collaboration governance also thrives on the connection with Cloud Manager and allows tracking for vendor updates or changed user requirements.

Cloud Manager leverages and combines multiple Databoat competencies and solutions.

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