Board Management System

Best practice in Change, Risk and Cloud Management

In these times of sometimes disruptive change, the board of directors, as the highest governing body, is particularly challenged if it wants to shape the future of the company entrusted to its management in a well-informed and timely manner. „Gouverner, c'est prévoir“ is a saying that applies today more than ever. For once again, a profound technological change is on the horizon: the transformation of entire sectors of the economy from the phase of automation and digitization to the phase with cloud and artificial intelligence.

If companies want to gain a competitive edge and succeed in this situation, they have to take action. Change is becoming indispensable. At the same time, the management of risks and the further development of the service portfolio are more demanding than ever before. Like artificial intelligence, the cloud can be both a prerequisite and a unique opportunity.

Board Management

GOVERNEXT® – operational and strategic guidance and management system

Databoat accompanies the transformation in companies with GOVERNEXT®, the integrated board management platform. It supports decision-makers and management bodies in both strategic corporate development and operational implementation.

GOVERNEXT® answers questions such as:

  • Does the business model still fit?
  • Where are the risks, where are the opportunities, where are the effective levers?
  • Are the organization and processes effective?
  • What are the consequences of the new world for IT, data migration and integration?
  • Is the company making efficient use of the technical possibilities?
  • Is there a cultural change associated with the transformation?

GOVERNEXT® from Databoat optimizes strategic and operational corporate management and corporate development, especially in the transformation of business models. The tool manages and controls with implementation strength and security. It supports:

  • the Board by using its cockpit function to collect and evaluate relevant data and place it in a broader context. The results serve as a basis for decision-making by the opportunity and risk managers.
  • the Cloud Manager in setting up and securely using cloud services.
  • the change process at the organization via roles, processes and cultural aspects.

GOVERNEXT® structures the tasks and responsibilities of management bodies logically and efficiently, using a specially developed framework. For the strategic level, this focuses on systematically managed innovation and change processes, keyword Change the Business.

At the interface to the operational level, GOVERNEXT® enables efficient controlling of the delegated tasks that the management has to fulfill. GOVERNEXT® in turn serves as an excellent reporting tool for the board of directors, keyword Run the Business. The tool offers, among other things:

  • automatic provision of continuously updated data
  • immediate access to substantial bases for decision-making
  • prompt detection of disruptions in operations and organization
  • comprehensive risk assessment for holistic risk management
  • Timely recognition of the need for action to develop and optimize strategy, processes and organization as well as in the deployment of resources.
  • detailed documentation for comprehensive traceability and plausibility of decisions.

The integrated and integrable modules of GOVERNEXT®

These can be assembled as needed and seamlessly.

TRENDFINDER® – „best available information“ required by law

TRENDFINDER® enables management bodies to make decisions based on the best available information. The tool collects and analyzes publicly available information from reference media in German and English-speaking countries in real time. Supported by artificial intelligence and the Databoat expert team, unique maps of knowledge are created. This is done both subject-specifically or taxonomically as well as with regard to content networking in the sense of a neural network with its ontological interdependencies. Both taxonomy and ontology are essential prerequisites for the development, visualization and control of scenarios in all their complexity.

TRENDFINDER® succeeds in reducing complexity to the essentials, thanks to a consistently to the essentials, thus giving decision-makers the freedom to act.

SUXESSIO® – enterprise-wide opportunity management

The information systematically collected, analyzed and curated in TRENDFINDER® is condensed into real business opportunities in the SUXESSIO® module by GOVERNEXT® and the company management. For this purpose, Databoat has translated the best practice method into an easy-to-use software.

NEXTREMIS® – the lived best practice for integral risk management

NEXTREMIS® is the tried and tested method for integral risk management as a system and as a process. Special emphasis is placed on the operational processes and their operational adaptation - crucial for success in transformation processes. The module consists of the components Methodology, Radar and Manager.

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